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Nezihe Elvin O., an 11 IB student at the American College of Tarsus, took an important step in the world of science and achieved a great success with her project titled “Production of Bismuth Oxide (Bi2O3) Nanoparticle Additive Nanocomposite Radiation Shields with Antibacterial Properties by Stereolithography Method”. With this project, Nezihe Elvin, who aims to offer an environmentally friendly and lightweight alternative to heavy and environmentally harmful lead-based materials, made a name for herself by winning awards at important scientific events.
While preparing the project, Nezih Elvin O. aimed that photopolymer nanocomposite surfaces of Bi2O3 (Bismuth Oxide) nanoparticles could be both a safer and environmentally friendly product with their lightweight structure, radiation shielding and antibacterial properties. 
Our student's project was invited to the 55th Secondary Education Tübitak Regional Exhibition and presented here. The project attracted great attention and was appreciated by the jury members. The success achieved at the Tübitak Regional Exhibition was an important milestone in Nezihe Elvin's scientific career.
Following this success, Nezih Elvin O presented his project at the “31st Dr. İbrahim Arıkan MEF Educational Institutions Research Projects Competition” organized by MEF Schools and MEF University to encourage talented high school students in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and artificial intelligence to conduct scientific research.  As a result of the evaluations made by the jury members consisting of distinguished academicians of the Turkish science world, our student's project was deemed worthy of the first prize in the field of physics. This great success once again demonstrated Nezihe Elvin's scientific abilities and innovative approach. Her project attracted attention not only with its scientific success, but also with its adoption of an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach. 
Congratulations to our student and we wish her continued success