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With the onset of Covid-19 in the world at the beginning of this year, health measures were taken very quickly in our school. Our students, teachers and employees were provided with hygiene training and additional health supplies were provided. Under the leadership of our school administrators and school doctors, the whole school community has been made aware of the issues that need attention.


The statements of the Ministry of Education for the 2021-2022 academic year are constantly monitored and the procedures and measures to be taken are determined.


In this context; 


  • "Pandemic Emergency Plans" and "Pandemic Risk Analysis" were prepared in our schools. These plans and analyses are constantly updated in line with the decisions of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Science Board.
  • Based on the plan prepared by our workplace doctors and Occupational Health and Safety experts, "Pandemic Committees" were established in our schools. Pandemic Committees determined the necessary equipment (thermal camera, non-contact thermometers, masks, disinfectants, visors, gloves, infirmary materials, ground markings, disinfection applications etc.) and all necessary materials were supplied to the school entrances.
  • Nano Clear Silver Ion technology, which is an effective and safe solution for the disinfection of our campuses against the Covid-19 epidemic, is used and this application is repeated at regular intervals.
  • Thermal cameras are placed at the main entrance of our schools and hand disinfectant machines are placed in all closed areas
  • All those entering campus have their body temperature checked. No visitors are accepted to our campus, except for planned visits.
  • Covid-19 and personal hygiene training has been provided to all staff and repeated at regular intervals.
  • Measures are taken against the pandemic in cafeterias and school buses. The regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education are followed.
  • All elevators are closed for service except for vital services.
  • Necessary measures have been taken in common areas in line with the regulations of the Ministry of Health
  • Necessary markings have been made in all open and closed areas in order to maintain social distance.
  • Closed areas are regularly aired and ventilated with fresh air flow.


The changing conditions and the directives of the relevant ministries are carefully and meticulously followed, and improvements are continued when necessary for the health of our entire school community.


The statements of the Ministry of Education on the 2021-2022 academic year calendar are followed and different scenario studies have been completed accordingly.