Taking steps towards life....  together....

Young adulthood is a difficult period in life, filled with emotional changes and important decisions, despite all its glitter. Young people in high school, more than any other period in their lives, need support from knowledgeable, experienced, and caring people in whom they can confide. To this end, TAC’s Counseling Department helps students find ways to better understand themselves, and deal more effectively with the challenges they face. The department also guides parents in supporting their children, provides informational sessions for teachers and offers feedback to students regarding their academic performance. 



University Trips: TAC’s Grade 10 students visit universities in Istanbul, while Grade 11 students visit universities in Ankara. The goals of these visits are:


  • On-site review and information on post-secondary faculties and departments,
  • Receive correct and detailed information about the programs of interest,
  • Have an idea about university and campus life
  • Facilitate motivated goal setting in preparation for the university

Career Day:


Career Day is another annual event organized by TAC’s Counseling Department. It is conducted in collaboration with the Alumni Association and the Public Relations Office.
Objectives of the Career Day;


  • Bringing TAC students together with alumni representing various occupational fields, exposing them to these successful experts of different professions in which they may be interested
  • Providing opportunity for students to receive correct information about career fields of interest, and learn from the experience of these professionals
  • To create an atmosphere of sharing about university selection, university environment, working environment, career steps.
  • To provide students with adult role models they need for academic and social development


Visits to Business Establishments:


This is another initiative taken by the TAC Counseling Department in the field of career counseling. This activity aims to have students observe manufacturing processes on site, and receive first hand information about the departments in a business structure and their operations.

Orientation Programs:


Students, as well as teachers new to TAC, and student families are provided emotional and information support on school’s system and operations and eased into their new environment by the TAC Counseling Department through orientation programs. Particularly the two-day programs for the new boarding students and their parents on the weekend preceeding the start of the school is a big support for both students and their families with regard to their adaptation to the school and successfully facilitates the parting process from students’ domestic environment to the TAC dormitory life.  




  • Adhering to the national and universal ethical rules of the profession,
  • Providing services within the field of expertise using a scientific approach,
  • Maintaining and improving mental health,
  • Working with a preventive, developing and supporting approach,
  • Respecting personal rights, individual and cultural differences,
  • Acting with a sense of responsibility (towards individuals, institution and society),
  • Adhering to the principles of trust, consistency, volunteerism, integrity, confidentiality,
  • A responsibility for professional improvement ,
  • Cooperation with parents, teachers, administrators, other colleagues and experts,
  • Practical knowledge of regulations regarding counseling services,
  • Keeping abreast of new developments in the field of psychological counseling in order to keep practices up-to-date,
  • Supporting students in their decisions while helping them consider the most appropriate options for themselves.