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TAC Turkish Universities Counseling Services


Success in YKS/TYT-AYT and YDT, therefore placement into a good university and program, depends on the strong technical and content-based analysis of exams, as much as academic preparation.


In our school, a series of academic services are dedicated to helping students attain the highest scores and rankings in YKS / TYT-AYT and YDT. Through these, which include TYT-AYT and YDT topic revisions, sample question solutions, subject comprehension and diagnostic tests and mock exams, we aim to raise awareness/understanding of our students about the YKS system and help them use their full potential. 


We know that success in YKS depends on the strong technical and content-based analysis of exams, as much as academic preparation. For this purpose, our school has a Turkish Universities Counseling Unit, which offer career counseling services for our students and parents within the YKS / TYT-AYT and YDT system in topics such as strong exam performance, motivation, overcoming exam stress, and choosing the universities and departments which are the best fit for the student.


The Turkish Universities Counseling Office serves under the TAC University Preparation Unit in coordination with our Guidance Service.



Services Offered by the Turkish Universities Counseling Unit:



• Individual counseling service for students, parents and teachers about YKS / TYT-AYT and YDT system

• Conferences on exam content, score analysis, exam strategies, preferences and career choice

• Sessions and group activities on topics such as effective exam preparation, motivation, and time management

• Close follow-up of the academic preparation of our senior students for YKS / TYT-AYT and YDT

• Determining the students' learning gaps with regard to topics and learning outcomes according to the results of the internal mock exams

• Interviews with students with the target of covering the learning gaps

• Follow-up of the results of students in the external exams

• Ensuring that YKS applications are complete

• Counseling on the sound development of student’s university and department goals

• Checking alignment to the target university and program following each mock exam

• One-to-one counseling on the finalized university and department preferences

• Ensuring that the entire preferences are entered into the system



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