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School’s Facilities Management and Operation Services (cleaning and maintenance, garden maintenance, technical maintenance and repairs, courier-driver services) and Security Services are provided by reputable companies through periodic contracts. Currently, these services are offered by the “Multi-Services Company”, Eurest Services and Euroserve Güvenlik A.Ş., of SOFRA Group, owned by British Compass Group Plc.


Offering local expertise and experience to clients in Turkey since 1987, EUREST Services is the first company in its sector to be awarded the (TS EN ISO 9001: 2008) Quality Management Certificate, (TSE ISO EN 22000) Food Safety Certificate, (TSE ISG OHSAS TS 18001: 2008) Occupational Health and Safety Certificate; (TSE ISO EN 14001: 2004) Environmental Certificate, and (TSE ISO 10002 2006) Customer Satisfaction Certificate.


Security services at TAC are provided by a contracted security company for 24/7. Our children live and learn freely within the walls surrounding the large and green TAC campus, they are protected throughout the day by trained security personnel, and surveillance cameras.


All visitors sign up at the school entrance and show their ID card to the officials where necessary. This practice is meticulously applied for campus security. Visitors are not allowed to walk around the campus without permission, and they can only benefit from the school's facilities with the approval of the Principal. Security guards direct visitors to individuals or departments they wish to see.


Hygiene risks within the school campus have been determined by the company, and the choice of machinery / equipment and chemicals to be used reflect this.


In cleaning services, “4-color coded system” is used and the cleaning personnel are trained about this system which specifies the chemicals and materials to use in specific areas. Material selection reflects these designations. Different floor trolleys, equipment and chemicals are used in the toilets, offices, and living areas according to the nature of this service. The cleaning materials in areas with different hygiene risks are fixed and they are not allowed for use in other areas, which minimizes the risk of contamination.