Activities for Students: 

·       Individual Psychological Support and building therapeutic relationships 

·       Group counseling 

·       Psychopathological pre-evaluation and referral 

·       Counseling for boarding students of TAC

·       Psychosocial support to boarding students during certain times after school (in face-to-face education) 

·       Weekly coordination meetings with the dormitory administration and staff 

·       Anti-Addiction Program 

·       Student trainings on the responsible use of technology, unhealthy habits and other types of addiction which may have been triggered by the pandemic 

·       Seminars and interviews designed for preventive interventions

·       Seminars and interviews on psychological resilience, conflict resolution and problem solving, effective communication, coping with uncertainty, Covid-19 Psychosocial Support Program (teacher - parent - student) and developmental psychology. 

TAC Orientation Programs 

·       Orientation for boarding Prep students for two different target groups in two sessions. The first session is for prep students on the weekend before they start school in order to help their timely adaptation and to reduce their anxiety. The second session is designed for the parents of the boarding students on the same weekend. For these activities, we receive support from our peer counselors in grade 10.  

·       In the following weeks, we offer orientation activities for all prep students, again organized by peer counselors, under the supervision of the counseling department.

·       We also offer an orientation program for our 9th, 10th, 11th grade students to help them adapt to their new grade levels. 

Peer Counseling Project

·       “Peer Counseling” is a counseling project that aims to encourage students to support each other more positively in social, emotional and academic terms within the school environment, and to promote peer-based guidance and assistance among all students. The students in grade 9 who volunteer for the project follow a 10-week training on communication skills and peer assistance in groups of 15-17. Attendance to this training is required for these student volunteers. In the beginning of the training, the students sign a contract where they agree to abide by the principles of counseling and of the project. The students who complete this training start using the title of "Peer Counselor". For the duration of the project, TAC’s guidance counselors supervise the peer counselors; it is also their responsibility to oversee the work of students as needed by adhering to principles. The Peer Counseling Project has been implemented at TAC since 2010. Currently, we have active peer counselors who are in 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

Sexual Health Education 

·       Sexual health trainings are organized in order to support adolescents with the correct information, attitude and approach in their sexual development process. Last year, this training was provided to all students in two sessions by experts from the TAP Foundation, under the coordination and supervision of the counseling department. 

·       It is the teaching and learning of the cognitive, emotional, physical and social aspects of sexuality in a structured fashion within a curriculum. This education provides children and young people with an awareness of their own health, well-being and values; helps them develop interpersonal and sexual relationships characterized by respect, reflect on how their choices affect their well-being and that of others, and develop the knowledge, skills, approaches and values required ​​to understand and protect their rights throughout their lives. 

Need-Based Academic and Psychological Tests/Inventories

·       DISC Inventory: It is an assessment tool related to career counseling which we administer to all ​​grade 9 students. 

·       Belbi̇n Getset Inventory: It is a measurement tool related to academic track selection which we administer to all grade 10 students. 

·       Some of the Assessment Tools Used for Individual Needs: CAS, Pass Cognitive Intervention Program, Career Orientation Test, Anger and Anger Expression Scale, Exam Anxiety Scale, Short Symptom Inventory, Beier Sentence Completion Test, Career Sailboat Model, Holland Scale on Career Orientation, Academic Identity Scale.

Activities for Classroom Motivation 

·     These are the activities which help prevent the emotional states of our students, which may change due to the nature of their developmental process, from negatively affecting their classroom motivation.

·     Individual and Group Seminars, Seminars and Interviews for Students regarding Processes Which have Negative Impact on Academic Relationship Including Stress, Exam Anxiety etc.

Career Counseling Activities

Career Day: Career Day is an annual career promotion activity hosted by TAC. During the organization and planning process, our counseling department works in cooperation with the Alumni Association and the Corporate Communications Department. The goals of TAC Career Day are: 

·     to bring the TAC graduates representing different professions and careers together with current TAC students so that our students can communicate first hand with these specialists strong in their chosen profession, 

·     to ensure that our students receive the right information about the professions they are interested in and curious about by providing a forum where they benefit from the experiences of these professionals,

·     to create an insightful forum for information regarding university selection, university environment, professional working environment, and career steps,

·     to provide our students with the adult role models they need in their academic and social development.

Job Shadowing Project: Job shadowing is designed to provide students with in-depth information about their chosen career path. 

Within the project, the students are expected to spend a day with a professional representing their area of interest. They have a chance to observe how the professional spends the day, they take photographs, takes a video of the interesting experiences and conducts interviews for information gathering. It is extremely important for the student to have the first hand experience of a typical working day, including the break for lunch. The project is called "job shadowing" as the student follows and observes the professional like their "shadow".

Field Trips to Workplaces: During workplace trips, the goal is for students to closely observe the production processes and receive information about the departments in a workplace and their operations. 

University Trips: Every year 10th grade students visit the universities in Istanbul while 11th grade students visit universities in Ankara.


Activities for Parents

·       Individual & Family Meetings

·       Solution-Oriented Parent-Student Interviews in Family Conflicts

·       School-Parent Interaction Meetings, Conferences and Bulletins

·       Seminars and interviews on healthy communication, psychological resilience, addiction, exam psychology, coping with uncertainty and developmental psychology.

·       The bulletins prepared during the first week of each month are shared with parents via e-mail and are also added to the Counseling page of the TAC website.

·       Parent Meetings

Activities for Teachers

·         As part of the TAC Structured Homeroom Activity Program, meetings with homeroom teachers of Prep, 9, 10 and 11 and the guidance counselors responsible to discuss the activity for that week. These meetings are held separately for each grade level. 

·         Inter-departmental cooperation

·         Individual Interviews

·         Seminars and Trainings as needed

·         Teacher meetings