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TAC's educational and service buildings are located in Tarsus, in green fields, in a 30 decare campus. Korkut Beriker Library and Media Center which has a unique architecture is equipped with more than 18.800 books, electronic database, and computer laboratory. Sports facilities include two indoor, 1 semi-covered and 1 open sports halls, courts, practice areas and fitness rooms. TAC campus also has two auditoriums, with the one in Stickler building accomodating 272 people and the new building 640 people, an amphitheater for 370 people, open sports courts and academic buildings which house more than 30 classrooms. TAC's dormitories for boys and girls are located right across the main campus, in the new campus.

Facilities: Stickler Building, Unity Hall, Friendship Hall, Indoor Sports Hall, Semi-Covered Sports Hall, Open Sports Court, Shepard Building, Cafeteria, Canteen, New Auditorium, Dormitories for Boys and Girls