TAC is one of the longest-established and most prestigious academic institutions of Turkey which has been providing democratic and science education since 1888, with the worldwide recognition of its educational standards by CIS (Council of International Schools) since 2007.  

TAC has been governed by Health and Education Foundation. The academic staff is comprised of Turkish and international educational educators who have specialization in their branches. As stated in the mission statement, TAC's high standards with regard to character and spiritual development of individuals, in addition to the emphasis on academic programs, prepare its graduates to lives less ordinary.

To contribute to the personal development of our students, we place emphasis on extra-curriculars as much as class activities. There are 30 clubs, including international clubs like MUN and ISTA, on offer at TAC for better preparation for life after graduation. Community service at TAC has also well-blended in the institutional culture. By taking part in community service projects, TAC students improve their respect, leadership qualities and social skills. 

Dormitories for boys and girls, which is a home away from home is another indispensable part of TAC's national and international success. The facilities which has moved to their new location this year, which is a home to students coming from 29 different cities in Turkey are one of the best dormitory facilities in the country. The greatest purpose of boarding at TAC is to offer to students with high academic standards coming from outside the Cukurova region the benefits of this well-established and prestigious school. 

In accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the Council of International Schools Child Protection standards, the SEV Foundation is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of students in all SEV schools through the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive Child Protection Policy. Our Child Protection Policy applies to all SEV community as well as stakeholders including third-party contractors.