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Tarsus American College is governed by Sağlık ve Eğitim Vakfı (Health and Education Foundation) as well as its sister schools of Usküdar American Academy, American Collegiate Institute (İzmir), SEV American College, İzmir SEV  Schools, Üsküdar SEV Schools and Tarsus SEV  Schools.



One of the main characteristics which set TAC apart is its being a modern educational institution while maintaining its traditional structure. The administration and faculty of Tarsus American College, which live up to the school motto "Leaders for Turkey, Leadership for the World" for 136 years, all help to create an academic environment which allows students to realize their potentials most effectively. Our aim to raise students as open minded, well-balanced, critical thinkers with high social awareness who are committed to the Ataturk ideals. We believe that our students, who benefit from the national and international programs offered at TAC, will become productive members of their society as well as global citizens who work towards a more peaceful world.  

The academic staff of TAC is comprised of Turkish and international educators who have specialization and qualifications in their respective fields. TAC's educational and service buildings are located in Tarsus, in green fields, in a 30 decare campus. Korkut Beriker Library and Media Center which has a unique architecture is equipped with more than 18.800 books, electronic database, and computer laboratory. Sports facilities include two indoor, 1 semi-covered and 1 open sports halls, courts, practice areas and fitness rooms. TAC campus also has two auditoriums, with the one in Stickler building accomodating 272 people and the new building 640 people, an amphitheater for 370 people, open sports courts and academic buildings which house more than 30 classrooms. TAC's dormitories for boys and girls are located right across the main campus, in the new campus.

In 2006-2007 academic year, TAC was authorized as the first and only school in Cukurova region to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. IB programme, as well as the diploma, is recognized as the top educational standard in the world. This rigorous pre-university program is designed for high school who have strong motivation. Students who hold an IB diploma have the opportunity for acceptance into the most selective universities in the world.

Tarsus American College, which has a Turkish universities and career counselor, as well as an international universities counselor, tries to support students in every possible way so that they can set their future career goals based on their talents, personal characteristics, values, interests, and career needs.


As well as the excellent English program which starts at the Prep year, second foreign language options of French and German prepare students for the requirements of the modern world. TAC students have the option to choose from over 80 extra-curricular clubs which improve self-confidence as well as leadership skills. TAC is the only school in the region authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Program. It also stands out from the other academic institutions with its international programs which include ISTA and MUN.


  • In addition to attending the festivals organized by the International School Theatre Association based in UK, TAC ISTA students also host ISTA activities on TAC campus.
  • Students in TAC Model United Nations (MUN) Club gain greater insight about the career of diplomacy and its requirements.
  • TAC students can also attend a personal development program as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. This process contributes to the student's personal development while offering the various activities where they can serve the community.